Let's Up Your Grades!

Affordable and accessible tutoring in Melbourne covering more subjects.


We are accepting new students for the new school year. 

Schooling has been especially difficult for students and parents over the last few years – now more than ever students need all the support they can get.

UpGrade Tutoring is here to help rebuild confidence, get on track and achieve success.

Please contact us to discuss specific needs and availability.

Personalised Tutoring

Further your knowledge and understanding of topics.

Build Confidence

Overcome study anxieties and become a focused student.

Get Organised

Learn time management and improve study habits.

Why Consider Tutoring?


Every student has their own unique learning style and study habits.

Sitting alone buried in textbooks might suit some, but for a lot of students, this can be an intimidating and frustrating process… Thankfully help is at hand.

How can we help?

  • Private one-on-one tutoring in specific units
  • Clarifying and exploring pain points within a subject
  • Strategies for getting organised and building successful study habits
  • Homework Helper: Guidance and support getting work and assignments done.

We are here to help every student strive towards their potential.

Be More Than a Student,
Become an UpGraded Student

There is more to academic success than simply knowing the material. Understanding how to apply knowledge and effectively communicate ideas one of the keys to excellent results.

Let’s find the pain-points in your schoolwork and help with the specific areas that need imporvement. Bring in your homework and feedback so we can review your progress and UP those GRADES.

Studying doesn’t need to be a chore or a cause for anxiety. We want to see our students motivated, engaged with their work and see the value in being an active student rather than a passive one.

Let’s strengthen the areas you would like to see improvement and continually refine your approach to studies with time management strategies and tips for staying focused, calm and productive.

Meet Your Private Tutors in Melbourne

Meet Josh - Here to help students succeed in all aspects of learning, he appreciates the pressures of modern schooling and has a knack for breaking down complex challenges into manageable pieces.

A generalist with experience covering many industries including legal, visual communication, IT and digital marketing - Josh has worked professionally in the healthcare sector for over 10 years.

Areas of Interest:
English, Psychology, Legal Studies, IT, Arts and Humanities

Northeastern Suburbs, Melbourne
Meet Zac - Your best friend for all things STEM. Physics, Maths and Chemistry are his second languages and has the ability to explain advanced concepts in easy to digest, knowledgeable bites.

A professional working scientist with numerous published research papers, Zac is a also a PhD candidate at Melbourne University completing ongoing research in the field of biochemistry.

Areas of Interest: Maths and Sciences

Location: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne